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Business Model Canvas is a popular tool and template used to design innovative business models. We packed this methodological framework into a brain teasing card game aimed at disrupting ruling beliefs, sparking exceptional ideas and facilitating strategy workshops.

workshop gear

design and tweak
business models

break routine
thinking patterns

force yourself to do
more with less

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Business Model
Gamestorming Deck
52 double sided cards

Did you know that there are more than 683 quadrillions (683 x 1015) unique business models you can discover if you play our card game?

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simple rules
ice breaking gameplay
awesome outcome

the player

Single player.
Or one team.
Nobody forfeits.

The card game is played by a single player or one team. Nobody forfeits.

the challenge

Jump start the game.
Use a piece of paper.
Write down ideas. Details

Let somebody propose to you two serious, amusing or even dubious product categories or business ideas.

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Write them onto a piece of paper (one category or idea per side) and make it your Jump Starter Card. Place the card in front of you.

the dealing

the 52-card deck.
Draw 9 cards.

Shuffle the 52-card
deck and draw 9 cards.

the objective

Use dealt cards.
Design business model.
Have fun. Details

Use all dealt cards to design and present a compelling business model. Try to score as many points as possible without losing the bottom line of your story.

the play

Flip and move cards.
Follow the arrowheads.
Rearrange. Details

Put dealt cards around your Jump Starter Card. The arrowhead on each card tells you where it should be placed relative to your Jump Starter Card (left, right, above or below it). If you want, you can flip a card and decide whether the tag at the front or the back should be visible. Diamonds printed in the lower left corner of the card indicate the number of points you may score with that card. All cards including your Jump Starter Card can be flipped and moved to another position as long as you did not yet start to present your business model.

the scoring

Cards reveal your
business model.
Tell a coherent story.
Score points. Details

Present your business model when all cards are in place. The source of innovation and at the same time the starting point for your story is either left, right, above or below the Jump Starter Card. Start where most cards are present and find the reasoning for your business model there. Then continue the way you like, for example clockwise. You receive between 1 and 3 points (as specified on the card) for each tag only if it is coherently explained and interrelated with other elements of your business model. Whether this is true or not is up to you or a referee to decide. All points combined make the total score.

the variations

Use less cards to ease
the challenge. Or choose
more and withdraw some
if you prefer. Details

You can use any number of cards from the deck to design a business model. But keep in mind that the more cards in the deal the more challenging the play. You can also ease the challenge by using, for example, 5, 6 or 7 cards. Or choose 10 or 11 cards and withdraw 1 or 2 if you prefer.



  • What is this thing called Business Model Canvas?

    Business Model Canvas is a popular strategy tool among entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. It is basically a standard template used to design, tweak and discuss business models no matter the industry. It consists of 9 interrelated building blocks including key partners, key activities, key resources, cost structure, value proposition, revenue streams, customer segments, channels, and customer relationships. The challenge is to populate the template with concepts that together provide a comprehensive and coherent view of how the company creates, delivers and captures value. An explainer video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoAOzMTLP5s

  • Are there any other games I could apply to the same deck?

    For instance, you could draw random cards one by one and place them around the jump starter card until 15 points are scored. Another idea is to use all dealt cards to design a business model and let somebody else decide about a product or service that fits into it. These are our inspirations that will help you hack the standard game rules yourself.

  • What about additional language versions of the card deck?

    We think about a German language version and therefore ask our existing customers to provide initial feedback. Please drop us a line if you look for different language versions.

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    We do on request for buyers from the European Union who have a valid EU VAT ID. Please drop us an e-mail with your order and billing details. What follows next? We confirm your EU VAT ID on VIES (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies) and issue a pro forma invoice that will provide you with directions for the payment of the net amount (i.e. excluding VAT 23% on products and shipping).

  • Do you ship to locations outside of European Union?

    Yes, we sell worldwide. And we don’t charge VAT tax (23%) if we are asked to ship to locations outside of the European Union (priority registered postal services delivery). Drop us a line to receive a custom link to your non-EU checkout. But be informed that goods shipped to locations outside of the European Union may be subject to customs. We cannot confirm that the recipient of the parcel will or will not be charged any customs fees or duties when the parcel arrives at its destination. Such fees or duties, if any, must be incurred by the buyer/recipient of the parcel.

  • What about price discounts for bulk orders?

    Some of our customers are used to hand out the card decks to their corporate training students. For this reason we started to grant individual price discounts for orders with 10+ card decks. Please drop us an e-mail to agree on the details.

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